Compute Tokenization Protocol & GPU Restaking


Compute Labs presents a comprehensive solution to enable direct exposure to AI & compute, which includes the GPU RWA Liquidity Pool, Compute Tokenization Protocol (CTP), and GPU Restaking. This innovative approach aims to streamline the acquisition, management, and monetization of high-performance GPUs to secure high yields and make them accessible to investors.

GPU RWA Liquidity Pool

The GPU RWA (Real-World Asset) Liquidity Pool by Compute Labs is designed to revolutionize AI investments through direct GPU acquisition, offering a seamless and profitable avenue for retail and institutional investors. The liquidity pool targets raising $10 million in Q3 2024 to acquire a 32-cluster of H100 SXM5s, which are then deployed in Compute Labs' offline T3 Internet Data Centers (IDCs) located in Europe, Taiwan, and the US. By professionally managing and operating these GPUs, Compute Labs ensures a guaranteed return of over 30% APY for investors, with a steady yield stream generated by renting the GPUs to AI enterprise companies from Web2 or DePIN projects such as, Akash, and Gensyn.

Additionally, investors receive their yield payments in $AIFI tokens, enhancing their participation in the burgeoning AI and compute economy. Compute Labs will continue with quarterly fundraising to keep up with market demands and technological advancements. A presale vault will enable early access for selected investors, allowing them to secure participation ahead of public rounds while reinvesting the yield from initial investments into subsequent pools to compound returns and enhance growth. This comprehensive strategy ensures high returns, professional management, and continuous growth in the booming AI and compute markets.

Compute Tokenization Protocol (CTP)

The Compute Tokenization Protocol (CTP) transforms physical GPUs into digital assets known as GNFTs (GPU Non-Fungible Tokens). This protocol enhances liquidity, enables global investment opportunities, and ensures transparent ownership records on the blockchain.

GNFTs (GPU Non-Fungible Tokens)

GNFTs adhere to blockchain standards like SPL22 and ERC-404, making them fungible and non-fungible at the same time. Each GNFT represents ownership of a physical GPU unit installed in Compute Labs' secure IDCs and can be further divided into up to 100 pieces during public sale, enabling fractional ownership of GPUs, improving market liquidity, and lowering the entry barrier for retail investors.

GNFTs offer a range of benefits, including revenue sharing, staking benefits, and asset-backed security, providing tangible value to investors. The yield generated from GNFTs depends on the utilization of the corresponding physical GPU, with income from rentals distributed among GNFT holders. This innovative approach allows investors to participate in the high-growth compute market, adding leverage to their portfolios through diversified income streams.

GPU Restaking

GPU Restaking at Compute Labs involves two key steps: operation and custody in Compute Labs' IDCs and restaking for yield across (de)centralized networks and DePIN projects.

  • Operation and custody in Compute Labs' IDCs Investors' GPUs are installed and operated in Compute Labs' T3 IDCs, ensuring optimal performance and secure custody. Compute Labs manages all aspects of operations, from sourcing and purchasing to installation and maintenance. This professional management guarantees that GPUs are in optimal working condition and properly insured, maximizing rental income potential and protecting from greater depreciation loss. The income generated from renting these GPUs to AI companies and compute marketplaces is distributed among investors, providing a steady return of 30%+ on investment.

  • Restaking for yield GPUs are then "restaked" in various centralized and decentralized compute networks to unlock yield opportunities. This involves lending GPU resources to AI companies through our IDC operating partners worldwide and registering & contributing to DePIN projects for token airdrops. By strategically allocating GPUs to different Web2 compute networks and decentralized projects requiring high-performance computing power, Compute Labs maximizes returns and enhances overall GPU productivity.

This dual approach of custody and restaking ensures the optimal utilization and profitability of GPU assets. The stable rental income from Web2 cloud compute networks is complemented by the additional revenue from yield farming in Web3 projects, significantly boosting the profitability of GPU investments.

Compute Labs employs sophisticated risk management and AI-powered optimization strategies to effectively allocate GPU resources. Continuous monitoring of performance and demand across various networks allows for adjustments to maximize returns and minimize risks, ensuring that investors' compute assets are always positioned to generate the highest possible yields. This comprehensive strategy offers investors a compelling value proposition through diversified and maximized returns.

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