April 2024: Bootstrapping Stage – Pre-Seed, Research, & Team Building

  • Legal research, business model finalization, pre-production, logistics, & team building

  • Pre-Seed closed

Q2 2024: MVP Stage – CTP, GPU Restaking, & Ecosystem Building

  • Compute Tokenization Protocol development, GNFT smart contract development, GPU Restaking, DeFi & ecosystem integrations, etc.

  • DEX, DePIN, & DeFi partnerships, IDC prep, community growth & MKT efforts, etc.

  • Seed/Pre-TGE Round starting

Q3 2024: Launch Stage – H100 GNFT Public Sale & TGE

  • $AIFI token smart contract, yield dashboard, lending protocol integration, etc.

  • H100 GNFT Pre-sale & Public Sale, hardware purchase, installation, & testing, airdrop campaign, etc.

  • Closing Seed/Pre-TGE Round

  • TGE

Q4 2024: Growth Stage – B200 GNFT Public Sale & GNFT Staking

  • $AIFI staking boost & stAIFI access to GPU ETF, GNFT Staking, etc.

  • B200 GNFT Public Sale, AI company partnerships, IDC partner & channel sales expansion, legal logistics, AI-Fi ecosystem building, etc.

Q1 2025: Beyond Stage - GB200 GNFT Public Sale & Compute Custodian Solution

More to come...

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