AI-Fi Ecosystem


By enabling compute tokenization and GPU restaking, Compute Labs validates the core thesis of the AI-Fi ecosystem.

Our mission is to establish the financial ecosystem for compute as an emerging asset class from zero, and we aim to be the premier platform for compute derivatives, offering a comprehensive range of products including swaps, options, perpetuals, LP pools, lending, borrowing, staking, restaking, forwards/futures, structured products, synthetics, and more.

Compute Derivatives

The AI-Fi ecosystem integrates financial derivatives and compute-focused investment products, merging AI and DeFi to create innovative investment opportunities. Here's a deeper dive into its key components:

  • Perpetual Contracts: Perpetual contracts are financial instruments that offer hedging and speculation tools for risk management. These contracts allow investors to take long or short positions on compute assets without an expiry date, providing flexibility and mitigating risk in a moderately volatile market.

  • GNFT Staking and Borrowing: Investors can participate in GNFT staking and borrowing, providing them with flexible financial management strategies. GNFT staking allows investors to boost their yield by reinvesting the capital to compound returns, while borrowing enables them to unlock additional liquidity for yield farming.

  • GPU ETF: The GPU ETF offers investors diversified exposure to the AI compute market. By investing in a basket of various GPU models, investors can mitigate the risk associated with individual asset selection while capitalizing on the growth potential of the AI and compute industry.

  • GPU Index: The GPU index serves as a reliable benchmark for tracking the performance of the GPU market. It provides valuable insights into market trends, helping investors make informed decisions regarding their AI-related investments.

In addition to these key components, the AI-Fi ecosystem provides integrated services aimed at enhancing market functionality:

  • Liquidity pools: These pools facilitate the efficient exchange of assets by providing liquidity to decentralized protocols. Investors can contribute their assets to liquidity pools and earn fees in return for their participation.

  • Structured products: Through collaborations with exchanges and established platforms, Compute Labs power the development of structured products based on tokenized compute and GPU restaking initiatives. This further democratize access to AI & compute investments, allowing retail investors to adopt a one-click solution to capture the high yield of compute economy.

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