Business Model

Compute Labs features a straightforward and sustainable business model & revenue streams.

2% Flat Fee Model

Compute Labs' 2% Flat Fee Model is designed to build trust with users by providing a clear and predictable fee structure. It is built on multiple revenue streams, ensuring sustainability and profitability. These diverse income sources are structured to provide transparency, incentivize growth, and support ongoing operations.

  1. Revenue Cut on All Yield Streams

  • Compute Labs adopts a profit-sharing approach, taking a 2% yield cut on income generated from GPU rentals and restaking activities.

  1. One-Time Tokenization Protocol Fee

  • Compute Labs charges a one-time 2% protocol fee for tokenizing physical GPUs into digital assets (GNFTs).

  • This fee supports the initial setup and integration of GPUs into the digital ecosystem, covering the costs associated with the initial creation of the GNFTs.

  1. Annual Asset Management Fee

  • An ongoing 2% fee is charged annually for managing GPU assets within Compute Labs.

  • This fee ensures continuous professional management, insurance, and maintenance of GPU assets, enhancing their performance and longevity.

  1. Trading & Royalty Fees on All Financial Products

  • Compute Labs collects 2% trading fees on the trading and usage of financial products like compute derivatives and AI-Fi instruments built upon GNFTs.

  • These fees provide a steady stream of income as users engage with the AI-Fi ecosystem, driving the continual development and enhancement of the AI-Fi ecosystem.

As the AI-Fi ecosystem continues to grow, most of Compute Labs' revenue will come from revenue cuts, tokenization protocol fees, and trading & royalty fees, ensuring a sustainable income from compute resources.

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