Use Cases

For Retail & Institutional Investors

Compute Labs offers unique investment opportunities for both retail and institutional investors through the GPU RWA Liquidity Pool and Restaking solutions. By transforming physical GPUs into digital assets (GNFTs), investors can participate in the high-growth AI compute market without the need for substantial capital investment or technical expertise. Fractional ownership allows investors to buy and trade portions of GPU resources along with yielding rights, enhancing liquidity and making AI infrastructure accessible to a broader audience. Investors benefit from diverse revenue streams, including rental income from AI companies using these GPUs and potential airdrop yield from GPU restaking activities. This approach democratizes access to high-performance computing investments, offering robust returns and exposure to a rapidly expanding market.

For Companies Who Own Compute and Would Like to Tokenize Them

Companies with substantial GPU resources can significantly benefit from Compute Labs' tokenization protocol. By converting physical GPUs into GNFTs, these companies can unlock the liquidity of their assets, enabling efficient and secure borrowing against GNFTs. This unlocked liquidity can then be used to generate a stable yield stream while the companies maintain control and ownership of their compute resources.

For IDC Operating Partners

Internet Data Center (IDC) Operating Partners can collaborate with Compute Labs to deploy GNFTs' restaked GPUs in their facilities. By hosting these GPUs, IDC Operating Partners can better accommodate the growing demand for AI compute resources, generating additional revenue streams from rental agreements with AI companies without spending their capital on GPU investments. Compute Labs' restaking solutions further optimize the utilization of GPUs, ensuring that IDC partners maximize their operational efficiency and profitability. This partnership model not only enhances the value proposition for IDCs but also supports the broader AI ecosystem by providing reliable and scalable infrastructure for AI development and deployment.

For AI Companies Who Need to Acquire Run-Rate GPUs (Long-Term)

AI companies with high computational demands can greatly benefit from Compute Labs' offerings. Instead of incurring the substantial upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining cutting-edge GPUs, AI companies can issue their own GNFTs through Compute Tokenization Protocol and raise capital from the market by sharing partial revenue generated from the acquired compute. This model provides flexible and scalable access to high-performance computing resources, allowing AI companies to focus their capital on core research and development activities. By leveraging Compute Labs' CTP, AI companies can accelerate their development cycles and bring innovative AI solutions to market more rapidly.

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